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Mind all a-Swirl February 4, 2009

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>It’s 3am and I can’t sleep. It’s one of those nights that I have so many thoughts swimming around in my head that my mind cannot relax enough to get to the white noise part of sleep. Some of it’s work and the things I desperately need to get done as far as budgeting for the new fiscal year and getting ready for the year end meetings. Some of it’s friendships that are going unbelievably well and others that have grown stagnant that I want desperately to fix. Some of it’s in the area of my faith where I have read some great books lately that have caused me to look at the faith and vocations in a whole new way.
It’s funny how my brain cannot focus on any one thing for any length of time tonight/this morning. How do all these questions and thoughts decide to come together at this one time? And how can I get them out of my head…for now. Maybe it’s because my life has been so busy that I’ve not taken a quiet contemplative moment each day to just sort things out. I’ve always been a real list maker-maybe I should make a list and just go down and take care of things one by one to clear these things up. Whatever I decide to do, it’s obvious I’m not getting much sleep tonight.


One Response to “Mind all a-Swirl”

  1. sdechantal Says:

    Great post. I have these moments too….

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