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Highlight Reel January 10th-16th, 2009 January 17, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 1:36 am

Saturday-took in the movie Marley and Me with Zach.  It was a good movie but not fantastic.  I was hoping for more comedy and less drama.  Definitely too soon after losing Holly to take this one in.

Sunday- went to church and taught my catechism class.  This week we learned more about the Eucharist and manna (which one of my students kept pronouncing moana).  Both Jeff and Zach beat me (not at the same time either!) really bad at 10 penny.  Good thing I didn’t go to the casino!

Monday- no heat until almost 10am.  Brrr!  Tyler brought his new toy home to show me.  So what did I do to warm up?  Went for a snowmobile ride with him.  Yeah…I know, dumb.  We had a scout meeting tonight.  I was very thankful this was not the night we had planned to build the quinzee. (snow hut)

Tuesday-Book club tonight was great.  The book we read Sarah’s Key was about the Jews that were “rounded up” in France.  Interesting as many of us did not know about this (sad, huh?).  We went with a Jewish food theme and tried different things like Jewish cheese bread, Orange Ginger Chicken and Matboucha.

Wednesday-  Tyler’s 19th birthday!  We celebrated at home with supper, cake, ice cream, presents and his grandparents came over as well as his girlfriend and best friend Aaron.

Thursday- We stayed home (didn’t want to venture out in the cold!).  Monica came over and we played Monopoly (the new version with credit cards) and made malts. Bible study was cancelled due to the cold.

Friday- Zach and I played “marbles” on the game board my Grandpa made out of wood.  we also played Wii and watched a movie.


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