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Memories of Karen January 4, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 5:54 pm

     Yesterday our Lord Jesus called Karen home.  Her battle with cancer is now over and though we on this earth will miss her she is now in her eternal home.  Many thoughts of Karen filled my head last night as I came to grips with losing a very dear friend.  I could not help but smile through my tears as I remembered-

the first day Karen came to work in my department.  She said “I don’t know anything about electronics” and she was right.  She couldn’t even figure out how to turn the radio on.  I thought oh Lord, what have I got myself into but within weeks she had become my best salesperson.

how she would thank her customers by name and with a handshake, a practice that’s not used anymore, but how those same customers would come back and ask for her by name

how others in the department would complain that she was too much of a slavedriver but she would just crack the whip harder and make sure things always got done on the weekends

how she wore her “Goofy ears” for days after the promotion because they were just too much fun

when we were working overnight mods and she cranked the radio to “Rockin’ Robin” and sang, danced and tweeted around the department.

long afternoons sitting on my porch swing sipping iced tea

rides around the countryside where she would reminisce about her growing up years while 100_2151 looking at the farmland out the car window

taking her out to the Seafood Buffet at the casino and watching the butter drip down her chin as she savored every crab leg

the book burning we had at bookclub where she raised her hands over the fire and chanted “Burn, book, burn!”

playing the bongo drums on the table at Coco Moon

the discussion we had where we talked about our dreams and aspirations where she revealed she’d always wanted to be a saint

her birthday celebration at her house where she donned her red hat and we all became the red hat society for the evening

the monthly potlucks and get togethers with Bernice and Lori at Karen’s house and how she’d fall asleep because she was getting so tired but still didn’t want us to leave

playing Mexican train

the hugs she gave my boys when they would run into the department to see her

Karen has given me a lifetime of memories and I have become a better person for having her in my life.  John, Jim, Jeff, Joe, Julie, and Jenny you had an incredible mother who loved you all so much.  May her love be with you in all that you do in the future and make you take solace in knowing that she was very much loved.


3 Responses to “Memories of Karen”

  1. sdechantal Says:

    Oh I forgot about the bongo drums! That was so much fun!!! Thank you Angie for that memory. I love what you wrote here. What great memories.

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  3. Rosanne Says:

    Thank you Angie, for the amazing tribute to Karen. Although I did not get a chance to work with her for very long, when I did she was a great lady.

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