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Highlight Reel December 27th-January 2nd, 2009 January 3, 2009

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 1:47 pm

Saturday-I think exhaustion finally broke down the stronghold and I succumbed. Spent the day in bed for the most part.

Sunday- same as Saturday. I even started and finished my book club book. Jeff and Zach had more energy then me, they got up at 5 am to go ice fishing.

Monday-watched the Wild game and Zach, Tyler and I snacked on homemade potato chips.

Tuesday- took down the Christmas tree to make room for my New Year’s Eve party then Tyler, Zach and I watched Lethal Weapon. I enjoy introducing the boys to “classic” films they have never seen.

Wednesday- Had my New Year’s Eve party.  Thanks friends for ringing in the New Year with us.  It was fun!

Thursday-rolled over to my cousin Trever’s for the New Year’s Day party/surprise 70th birthday for my uncle Vernon

Friday-Jeff was off today but I had to work.  Got a call this morning about my friend Karen taking a turn for the worse.  They called family and close friends to come say their goodbyes.


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