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Highlight Reel December 20th-26th, 2008 December 27, 2008

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 2:46 am

Saturday- had to work which is unusual for me to work a weekend, but I got a lot accomplished. Our Boy Scout Patrol had plans to go sledding but for the second weekend in a row the weather was bad so we ended up postponing it. We will try it again next weekend.
Sunday- Today is my husband’s 45th birthday. Happy Birthday Jeff! You are my rock and I love you!

Monday-Spent 6 1/2 hours straight bent over a countertop wrapping presents and making pasties for Christmas Eve.  I was never so happy to fall into bed…

Tuesday- picked up a couple more presents even though I had swore I was not going to!

Wednesday- crazy day at work.  Came home and got the house and table ready for company then went to Christmas vigil mass.  After mass my parents came over for pasties and we chatted and listened to Christmas music.  My grandparents were not able to make it and I missed having them there for our traditional Christmas Eve meal.

Thursday- a very hectic day.  Started at my house, went to my parents and had dinner, went to Jeff’s mother’s and visited with family and went back to my mother’s for supper.  Finally crashed back at our place around 8pm.

Friday- Does everybody have to spend their gift cards the very next day???  Work today was crazy nuts.  I think the day after Christmas is way more stressful then the day before (and customers are crabbier too!)


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