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Highlight Reel December 13th-19th, 2008 December 20, 2008

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 10:53 pm

Saturday-  Had a special Christmas Fun Day catechism class from 9am-noon today.  We made cookies and had pizza.  Zach had the flu so he stayed home with Tyler.  That evening I went to my cousin Janeen’s annual Christmas party.  It’s always a great time.

Sunday-  We cancelled our Scout ski day at Powder Ridge because we knew the snow was coming in so it was a free day for me with no committments.  There was so much I could have got done at home (cleaning, decorating, wrapping presents, etc.) but I didn’t do any of them.  I watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer with Zach instead and then watched the Wild game,

Monday- we had our Boy Scout Christmas party.  I taught the boys how to make waffle cookies (last year they learned how to make lefse) and they had their gift exchange.

Tuesday- Zach was still feeling ill.  He stayed home from school so we had a quiet evening at home.  We watched the original Grinch cartoon.

Wednesday-  I worked two hours extra today so I didn’t get home until late.  Then the family watched the Wild lose again!

Thursday-  I went to Kohl’s after work to do some Christmas shopping.  I got the 30% off coupon this month.  How come I only get that when I’m too broke to buy anything for myself??  Then I hurry, hurry hurried to bible study where we studied 1st Samuel tonight.

Friday-  Zach still feeling icky.  I’m going to try to get him in to the doctor and see what’s going on with that stomach of his.  After he went to sleep I went to the Little Falls Wal-Mart and searched out the deals there.  They mark down their merchandise sooner then we do because they don’t sell it as fast.  FINISHED my shopping!!  Then watched to Wild WIN!


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