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Highlight Reel November 22nd-28th November 29, 2008

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 12:43 am

Saturday-  Went Christmas shopping in St Cloud, got a lot of ideas now but didn’t come home with much because the person I had ideas for was with me!

Sunday- Went to church, taught catechism then had a short teachers meeting after class.  Then I rushed in to town to get to the scout fundraiser/wreath sale.  We sold almost 20 less wreaths this year then last so the boys have a few more to peddle door to door.  Anybody need a wreath?

Monday-  Boy Scout meeting tonight.  We practiced our patrol and troop skits for Court of Honor next Sunday, and had a guest speaker talk to us about how to pack for a backpacking trip.  Thanks Andrew!

Tuesday-Delivered some of the wreaths and had a quiet rest of the evening.

Wednesday-My cousin Janeen came over and we sat and figured out what we are going to attempt for our annual baking extravaganza.  We get together to make our candies and some cookies every year. And we sample…lots!

Thursday-Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Friday-Had to be to work at 3am for the busiest shopping day of the year.  Ahh the joys of working retail!  Came home in time to watch the Wild game (we won!), made supper and am now installing my new Office program.


One Response to “Highlight Reel November 22nd-28th”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Hi Angie – if tyou have them I will take two wreaths. Now that the boys are grown no one asks me anymore and I need two – one for the house andone for the cemetary.

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