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Highlight Reel November 15th-21st November 22, 2008

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:01 am

Saturday-Stayed home so I could be nearby if Zach got his deer (he saw one but didn’t get a shot in). 

Sunday- was a lector at church this week and taught a very small catechism class due to a lot of the kids still hunting.  The rest of the day I spent catching up on dishes and laundry.

Monday- Went to Boy Scouts and sat on two Board of Reviews.  We have 2 new Tenderfoots.  Way to go Tyler and Cody!!  After Scouts I visited my mom and brought Zach’s shirt over for her to sew patches on.  If I would have had to do it I probably would have just stapled them on!  I do not sew!

Tuesday-  Went to the Tri-Parish Pastoral Council meeting.  I ended up going home very frustrated.  Too much talk not enough action.

Wednesday-Bernice, Lori and I went to visit Karen.  We brought Thanksgiving to her this month.  We told her it was because we were thankful she was still with us.

Thursday- Bible study tonight focused on the book of Numbers. Good discussion about “to those that much is given, much is expected.”  (Think Moses)

Friday-  Picked up Zach after school to go swimming at the watrepark with friends.  Then our Boy Scout patrol decided they wanted to go bowling tonight.  And since Boy Scouts are boy led we let them pick the time and place.  They picked to bowl from 10pm-midnight! We didn’t leave the alley until 12:40! Those boys always wear me out!


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