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Why is my life so weird? October 13, 2008

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 12:18 am

Thursday night at Bible study we talked about Genesis 1-3, the creation of Adam and Eve and the fall of man.  We also talked about the Holy Spirit being present with/as God in the very beginning.  We talked a little about the mystery of the Trinity and how hard it is to explain to children how there can be 3 persons in the one Trinity.  Caroline from the Bible Study used an analogy of an egg that was very helpful.  You can think of the Trinity as an egg.  There is the yolk, there is the white, and there is the shell.  All of it together makes one egg even though there are 3 seperate parts.  I liked the analogy very much and was contemplating it on the ride home when out of nowhere a pure white bird hits the passenger side of my windshield!  I screamed as I thought oh my gosh! I just ran into the Holy Spirit!. Since a symbol of the Holy Spirit is often a dove it really kind of freaked me out!  I even had to stop at my mom’s house on the way home to tell her what happened.  She (like always) just laughed at me.  She thinks not that weird things always happen to me, but just that I am weird!


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