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Wild Fever September 27, 2008

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 8:15 am

Wild Fever has started again!  It gets worse and worse every year.  Since their inaugural season I have stayed away from listening to preseason games.  I have kept it to just checking the scores the next day.  But every year it seems to grow longer from their last games in April or May to their first games in early October.  I start to get the itch.  I can’t help it… I have green blood.

     This year it was much too debilitating.  Wednesday found me frantically trying to find an internet radio station that was broadcasting the game.  Though it was not a particularily exciting game ( second period was way too sloppy) it was like a soothing balm.  They won, and I am a much more relaxed individual.  There are a few more preseason games and I will listen to them, but the itchiness probably won’t be back until the Wild opener.  That’s when you really need to watch out- because then it gets contagious!


                                                      LETS GO WILD!!


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