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Highlight Reel September 6th-12th September 13, 2008

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Saturday- Spent the day at the 3rd annual Catechetical Assembly in Duluth.  Enjoyed the day and the company very much.


Sunday- the guys went to the outdoor expo in Pequot Lakes and I headed to St Cloud to find red hats for an upcoming birthday party which I’m sure I will blog about later.  Stay tuned…


Monday-  we started the 2008-2009 Boy Scout season this year with a rousing game of Boy Scout Trivia Baseball.  Our Scoutmaster Dan was just as surprised as I was about the information they DIDNT know.  Guess we’ll be doing some brushing up this year!


Tuesday-  Finished the audio book by Barbara Kingsolver titled Animal, Vegetable, Miracle.  LOVED the book!  I found it very interesting and the chapter on turkey sex was just hilarious.  Attended our Book Club meeting tonight at Choppers.  We always have a great time discussing the books we choose!


Wednesday- kind of a drizzly stay at home kind of night…so we did!  We rented What Happens in Vegas.  Fun movie.  One of those movies you can just be entertained with, no thinking required.


Thursday-  Janeen and I walked tonight.  Yay!!  We’re on a roll!  Three nights this week.  Then we watched another movie-Baby Mama.  This one wasn’t quite as good.  Two movies in two nights is more then I’ve watched all summer long!

Friday- Janeen and I walked again.  My ankle is feeling much better so we did the 3 mile route.  Zach found a snapping turtle but it wasn’t big enough to eat (we don’t eat them my uncle does) so my uncle Jerry let it go at the public access.


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