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Highlight Reel August 30th-Sept 5th August 31, 2008

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Saturday- Spent 10 hours at Wal-Mart doing a brat sale to raise money for Boy Scouts. Many men stopped to tell us they were Eagle Scouts and what a difference scouting made in their life. many of these didn’t want lunch they just stopped to put money in our donation jar. Afterwards we stopped for a few minutes at Kris & Marks house to see their baby who has grown a lot in the 2 months since I seen him last, then we went mini golfing until dark.  (It’s my brother’s birthday today-Happy Birthday Mike!  I love you!)

Sunday- Went to church then had a quiet afternoon until my oldest son got off work. After supper we went for a boat ride, the boys did some sumo swimming (you had to have been there) and we went out for ice cream afterwards.

Monday- Labor Day! We went to Crow Wing State Park and did some fishing. Jeff caught a nice small mouth bass and Zach caught a few smaller ones too. We grilled brats and corn on the cob and played some football with Tyler and his girlfriend Monica. Even her daughter Gracie got in on it. The weather was amazing!

Tuesday- Went to my mom & dad’s for the traditional first day of school supper.

Wednesday- My cousin Janeen and I finally found a day when we could walk together. It’s been weeks! After our walk I went to a Tupperware party. How long has it been since anyone you knew had one of these? Interesting that they have moved on from just storage containers and now have reed diffusers, kitchen towels, tea and seasoning mixes.

Thursday-  Feeling a bit under the weather today.  Took a long nap while Jeff & Zach watched the NFL opener.  I’m counting the days until hockey starts!  Football’s not really my thing.  Too slow moving…

Friday-  Janeen and I walked again tonight.  I taught Zach how to cook beef-stuffed potatoes.  I love to eat and Zach loves to cook.  He offers to help quite often.  It’s a very good thing for men to learn.  For the recipe click on Favorite Recipes tab at top of this page.


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