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Highlight Reel August 16th-22nd August 18, 2008

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Saturday- Went to Wal-Mart to set up for Boy Scout brat sale fundraiser, found out we were double booked so ended up calling Gander Mountain to beg for a spot to set up there. They graciously gave us a spot. So we had to tear down there and set back up down the road. Went home to go to church at the state park and went back in to close up the brat stand.

Sunday- Spent all day washing clothes, packing for camping and singing “Anticipation” (see previous post).

Monday- left to go camping. We were packed and at the campsite by 10am. We set up camp and spent the majority of the day sitting by the lake enjoying the cool breeze off the lake. In the evening we went swimming for a while.

Tuesday- Made an early trip into town to replace the meat the durn raccoons ate from our cooler. I have never seen the raccoons lift the latch (and it fits tight!) and get into the cooler before. And I have been camping for over 30 years! Made stuffed porkchops in the dutch oven for my parents who spent the day at the campsite with us.

Wednesday- More of the lakeside, enjoying the breeze kind of day. My oldest son, his girlfriend and her baby visited us at the campground. The kids did some fishing and swimming and we had smores that evening. Gotta have the smores!

Thursday- Packed up and went home. Wish I could say there’s no place like home, but I enjoy the tent life too much to say that! Thursday night we went out “fishin’ in the dark” and I was having a great time until I took my eyes off the water and looked up and seen how many bats were swooping at the mosquitos just above my head. Bats scare the (bleep) out of me!

Friday- Went to my church’s George Tautges Memorial Fundraiser. This is where I won the boat, motor and trailer 2 years ago. While I didn’t win anything this year it is still a fun evening of fantastic roast pork (my dad cooks it!), chatting with friends and relatives, and listening to the band.


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