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Highlight Reel August 13, 2008

Filed under: Highlight Reel — Angie S. @ 11:45 pm

Saturday: Spent the day going to rummage sales and bringing Zach back and forth to BIR where he was selling concessions ($6.00 for a glass of lemonade!)

Sunday: Went to church and did more of the BIR to and fro

Monday: Had a fun evening with the Boy Scouts. We set up a game similar to the Amazing race. They had to race to 6 different stations where they had to do a mental challenge (break a code) or a physical challenge (starting a fire with a magnesium fire starter).

Tuesday: Had book club at The Chap…good book review, great margarita, terrible chimi

Wednesday: Spent a few hours visiting my good friend Karen, who has terminal cancer. Sad to see her this way but what a joy to spend time with her. She is such a treasure!

Thursday: Zach and I took some time to get much needed haircuts. I was starting to look like one of those fuzzy headed troll dolls!                                                                             

Friday: Went to a campground on Rock Lake. Nice little campground with lakeside sites. Happened to run into my cousin’s wife and her daughter there. She was there with friends who disclosed to us the best places to catch the fish.


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