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Reflections on a Lake August 9, 2008

Filed under: Life's Musings — Angie S. @ 10:14 pm

Tonight my husband and I (just the two of us) went out on the lake to do some fishing. Well actually he went out to fish and I brought along my book club book I still had to finish before Tuesday. While he was skimming around on the lake looking for sweet spot I stuck my nose in a book. Twenty minutes later when he finally idled by a dock I put down my book and looked around. I love cruising slowly in a boat close to the shore so I can look at other’s yards from the opposite side of the house and watch them relaxing on the bench at the end of the dock or by a fire playing cards at a picnic table. I enjoy watching groups of people laughing and talking as they slowly drift by on their pontoons and the waterskiier swooshing from one side of the boat to the other, jumping the wake. I love to watch the elderly couple quietly casting from their small fishing boat and the boy out on the jet ski woo-hooing as he jumps the waves and whips donuts. I love to watch the sun start to settle amidst the trees and the family of ducks that ruffle their feathers and fly away when we get too close. All this made me wonder, do I love living by a lake because I can fish when I want or because I like to people watch? The latter is only part of it. It’s more than the people watching. It is the pleasure I get from watching others having fun and enjoying life. I am still smiling when I think of the boy on the jet ski whooping and hollaring from the excitement and the freedom he felt at top speed and it warms my heart.


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